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Die vier Freundinnen Bree, Susan, Lynette und Gabrielle durchleben neben ihrem Alltag als Hausfrau auch zahlreiche dramatische Momente. Sie verbreiten Gerüchte, spinnen Intrigen und hüten ihre eigenen dunklen Geheimnisse. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Doug Savant · Eva Longoria · Marcia Cross · Ricardo Antonio Chavira · James Denton · Felicity . Desperate Housewives (Englisch für „Verzweifelte Hausfrauen“) ist eine US-​amerikanische Im Casting wurden explizit ältere Schauspielerinnen gesucht. Desperate Housewives Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross u.v.m. After agreeing to run away with Carlos on her wedding night to Victor, Gabby gets a call from Carlos, informing her that Edie has tried to commit suicide.

desperate housewives cast

Susan flirts with her painter; Bree denies all help from business partner Katherine​; Lynette tries to get Tom to see the light with their trouble-making twins; Edie. After agreeing to run away with Carlos on her wedding night to Victor, Gabby gets a call from Carlos, informing her that Edie has tried to commit suicide. Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives House, Nicollette Sheridan, American Desperate Housewives CastEva Longoria Desperate HousewivesGabrielle.

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Season 8. DVD cover for the eighth season of Desperate Housewives. List of Desperate Housewives episodes. David Grossman. Bree tries desperately to keep what happened to Alejandro a secret from Chuck; Gabrielle seeks out a priest in order to help Carlos with his problem; Ben Faulkner, a new neighbor, meets Renee; Susan withdraws from her friends because of what happened to Alejandro.

Tom and Lynette struggle separating and telling the kids. Bree gets an anonymous letter in the mail the same one that made Mary Alice kill herself.

Gabrielle tries to spice up her sex life; Susan seeks out a punishment for feeling guilty; Renee attempts to bond with Ben; Tom and Lynette struggle to cope with raising the kids separately; Bree discovers Chuck's past.

David Warren. Marco Pennette. Lynette discovers Tom is dating; Bree attempts to comfort Danielle after her husband leaves her; Susan clashes with an art teacher called Andre, who she had hoped to impress; Gabrielle's rebellious attitude towards the leader of the PTA leads to her being put in charge.

Tom and Lynette visit a couples counselor about their separation; Bree tries to help a city council about the homeless; Carlos is in a guilty situation; Susan is embarrassed about Andre's students being naked in class; Gabrielle is having difficulty setting up a school event.

Susan is appointed as Andre's intern and ends up watching his son; Lynette tries to outdo Jane and lies about making Penny's costume; Carlos speaks to a sponsor from A.

Jeff Greenstein. Susan uses her art improvement to impress Andre; Lynette tells Penny a fib about Jane; Gabrielle and Carlos try to get a different opinion about their children from Bob and Lee; Bree tries to solve the mystery of who dug up the body of Alejandro.

Jennifer Getzinger. Bree is harassed by Chuck when it comes to growing suspicions; a gallery owner evaluates Susan's paintings; Gabrielle tries to stop Carlos from having a drinking problem; Lynette tries to save her marriage.

Chuck interrogates Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle about Alejandro's disappearance; Gabrielle goes on a desperate search to find Carlos; Lynette tells Tom a horrible secret; a drunk Bree reveals her past and present details, and then goes to a motel room where she sits and has a brief conversation with Mary Alice while having her gun set on the table.

While searching for Carlos, Gabrielle is shocked by a news report on Chuck Vance's death; Susan informs Mike she is leaving for New York when, in fact, she is actually leaving for Oklahoma to visit the late Alejandro's family.

Larry Shaw. While in Oklahoma, Susan finds out from the late Alejandro's family that their daughter, Marisa, was abused by Gabrielle's stepfather; at a bar, Bree finds out something surprising about her new boyfriend; Gabrielle has some difficulty with Carlos's potential clients; Mike catches Ben doing some illegal activities in his real estate project.

Karen McCluskey finds out about Bree's sex life and plans to do something about it; Bree learns that her latest boyfriend is keeping a secret; Renee gets concerned about Lynette going out on a date with her hairdresser.

Orson attempts to keep Bree away from her friends and tries to convince her to start a new life elsewhere; Roy is kicked out by Karen so he moves in with Gabrielle; Susan and Lynette find out Porter is the father of Julie's baby; Mike exposes Ben's illegal activities to Renee.

Randy Zisk. After Lynette refuses to help raise Porter and Julie's baby, Susan offers to assist by setting up a nursery; Orson tries to get Bree to go to Maine with him; Ben's loan shark sets out to destroy Renee; Karen swears Gabrielle to secrecy; Orson, who knows what happened to Alejandro Perez, sends a letter to the authorities.

The police read the details on Alejandro's death; Mike is forced by Susan to tell the police about Ben's loan shark; Carlos's strange behavior about money concerns Gabrielle; at Penny's birthday party, Jane tells Lynette some news; Bree is asked by Karen McCluskey to help her commit suicide; Mike is gunned down.

The funeral of Mike Delfino leads to the ladies remembering how he impacted their lives; Bree is shocked when the police call her in for questioning regarding the murder of Gabrielle's stepfather; Lynette realizes she must fight for her marriage; Gabrielle agrees to let Carlos quit his job to help people.

Bree is not so sure about Andrew's upcoming marriage; Gabrielle tries to find work in order to keep up her lifestyle; Lynette attempts to win back Tom; Susan finds a way to help M.

Carlos gets concerned about Gabrielle's new job; a secret of Mike makes Susan suspicious; Bree needs a lawyer's help in order to get her charges of Alejandro Perez's murder cleared; Jane works hard to make sure Tom and Lynette's divorce goes through.

Susan builds M. Bree's lawyer may help her out during her trial, but it may mean betraying a friend; Gabrielle's attitude shocks the ladies; Susan makes a big decision regarding her house and Julie's baby; Lynette tries to stop Tom's boss from sending him to India.

The ladies agree to take care of Mrs. McCluskey when they discover she wants to die with dignity; Susan waits for the right moment to tell her friends she is moving; Trip begs for Bree to come clean to him about the night Alejandro was killed; Tom realizes he loves Lynette after a heart to heart with Roy; Gabrielle and Carlos both want to confess to killing Alejandro; Renee may land Bree in trouble when she discovers that Ben has been arrested.

Katherine returns to Wisteria Lane to offer Lynette a job, which could end her reconciliation with Tom; Susan is shocked when Julie goes into labor on the way to Ben and Renee's wedding; Bree tries to avoid Trip; Gabrielle and Carlos clash when they realize their roles in life have reversed; Mrs.

McCluskey dies peacefully. Making the Connection. Watch While I Revise the World. School of Hard Knocks. The Art of Making Art.

Putting It Together. What's to Discuss, Old Friend. Who Can Say What's True? What's the Good of Being Good.

She Needs Me. You Take for Granted. The People Will Hear. Finishing the Hat. McLean 4 Episodes Terry Bozeman Dr.

Craig 4 Episodes Aaron Lustig Mr. Lynwood 3 Episodes Adrian Pasdar David Bradley 3 Episodes Derek Webster Det. Harrison 3 Episodes Frances Conroy Virginia Hildebrand 3 Episodes Jose Zuniga Det.

Heredia 3 Episodes Melora Walters Sylvia Greene 3 Episodes Michael Ironside Curt Monroe 3 Episodes Stephen Spinella Dr. Heller 3 Episodes William Atherton Dr.

Barr 3 Episodes Melinda McGraw Annabel 3 Episodes Kevin Symons Jack Pinkham, Mr. Pinkham 3 Episodes Matt Roth Arthur Washburn 3 Episodes Mitch Silpa Jerry 3 Episodes Michael Kagan Board Chairman 3 Episodes Michael Durrell Mr.

Katzburg 3 Episodes Dougald Park Doctor 3 Episodes Jill Brennan Tish Atherton 3 Episodes Joy Bisco Melanie Foster 3 Episodes Mark Brady Cop, Officer 3 Episodes Peter Birkenhead Dr.

Dolan, Dr. Joshua Dolan 3 Episodes Rick Otto Det. Paul Bullock 3 Episodes Rochelle Aytes Amber James 3 Episodes Tanner Maguire Young Zach 3 Episodes Wendy Schenker Policewoman 3 Episodes Isabella Acres Jenny 3 Episodes Helena Mattsson Irina 3 Episodes Billy Unger Chad 3 Episodes Sayeed Shahidi Charlie 3 Episodes Anthony Azizi Dr.

Falati 2 Episodes Bill Smitrovich Rev. Green 2 Episodes Billy Gardell Roy Harding 2 Episodes Brian Kerwin Harvey Bigsby 2 Episodes Ellen Crawford Iris Beckley 2 Episodes Ellen Geer Lillian Sims 2 Episodes Gibby Brand Fred Newman 2 Episodes Jane Leeves Dr.

Graham 2 Episodes Jennifer Dundas Rebecca Washburn 2 Episodes Jennifer Lyons Cecile 2 Episodes Jonathan Scarfe Andrew 2 Episodes Kathryn Harrold Helen Rowland 2 Episodes Larry Hagman Frank 2 Episodes Leslie Jordan Felix Bergman 2 Episodes Lois Smith Allison Scavo 2 Episodes Marla Sokoloff Claire 2 Episodes Meredith Scott Lynn Erica 2 Episodes Miriam Flynn Dr.

Berman, Dr. Maggie Berman 2 Episodes Nancy Travis Dr. Mary Wagner 2 Episodes Nichole Hiltz Libby Collins 2 Episodes Peter Jason Jeff 2 Episodes Rick Fitts Coroner Jerry 2 Episodes Roselyn Sanchez Carmen 2 Episodes Sarah Paulson Lydia 2 Episodes Scott Atkinson Cop, Officer 2 Episodes Stephanie Faracy Miss Charlotte 2 Episodes Steve Tyler Minister 2 Episodes Todd Weeks Kent 2 Episodes Jillian Armenante Rachel 2 Episodes Justina Machado Claudia Sanchez 2 Episodes Erinn Hayes Lisa 2 Episodes Ewan Chung Clerk 2 Episodes Matthew Glave Det.

Foster 2 Episodes Patrick Fabian Frank 2 Episodes Wes Brown Julie's Doctor 2 Episodes Patrika Darbo Jean 2 Episodes Darryl Stephens Terrence 2 Episodes Kylie Sparks Kim 2 Episodes Crystal Allen Kelly 2 Episodes Michael Bofshever Mr.

Stevens 2 Episodes Matt Winston Lazaro 2 Episodes Julie White Amanda 2 Episodes Beth Littleford Dana 2 Episodes Dagney Kerr Nurse Heisel 2 Episodes Adam Kulbersh Carter 2 Episodes Albert Garcia Luis 2 Episodes Alex Fernandez Hank 2 Episodes Alison Martin Dr.

Lippman 2 Episodes Andrew Hill Newman Sid 2 Episodes Dale E. David Pevsner Waiter 2 Episodes James McDonnell Dr. Crane 2 Episodes James Shanklin Det.

Fallon, Det. Morgan 2 Episodes Jarvis George Driver 2 Episodes Jill Basey Jean Newman 2 Episodes John Mariano Oliver Weston 2 Episodes Karen Constantine Waitress 2 Episodes Karl Makinen Det.

Furst, Det. Gallagher 2 Episodes Leslie Karpman Hostess 2 Episodes Lisa Long Irene Semanis 2 Episodes Mark Deklin Bill Pearce 2 Episodes Melody Butiu Nurse Janice 2 Episodes Michael Guarnera Toby 2 Episodes Michelle Marsh Sheila 2 Episodes Nike Doukas Natalie 2 Episodes Paul Keith Joe 2 Episodes Peggy Blow Fern Parrish 2 Episodes Robert W.

Sudduth Eric 2 Episodes Rolando Molina Hector Sanchez 2 Episodes Scott Allan Campbell Det. Sloan 2 Episodes Soledad St.

Hilaire Helena 2 Episodes Sonya Eddy Vanessa 2 Episodes Stephen Ramsey Sheriff 2 Episodes Tim Monsion Dr. Cunningham 2 Episodes Wendy Worthington Nurse No.

Daniela Bobadilla Marisa Sanchez 2 Episodes Lindsey Kraft Jennifer 2 Episodes James Black Alan 2 Episodes Michelle Duffy Judy 2 Episodes Marc Fajardo Valet 2 Episodes Amy Aquino Erika Gold 1 Episode Anna Katarina Ivana 1 Episode Beau Bridges 1 Episode Bobby Ray Shafer Supervisor 1 Episode Brennan Elliott Luke Purdue 1 Episode Brent Briscoe Rooney 1 Episode Brett Cullen Det.

Burnett 1 Episode Brian Cousins Man 1 Episode Carlos Jacott Gary 1 Episode Carol Burnett Eleanor Mason 1 Episode Caroline Aaron Daffney Bicks 1 Episode Carrie Preston Lucy 1 Episode Charlie Dell Older Man 1 Episode Chris Flanders Waiter 1 Episode Christopher Gartin Rashi 1 Episode Christopher Rich Bruce 1 Episode Cynthia Watros Tracy Miller 1 Episode Dan Castellaneta Jeff Bicks 1 Episode Danny Trejo Hector 1 Episode Daran Norris Phil 1 Episode Dave Foley Monroe 1 Episode David Brisbin Dr.

Sugarman 1 Episode Doris Roberts Doris 1 Episode Edie McClurg Connie 1 Episode Erika Eleniak Barbara Fine 1 Episode Gary Hudson Jerry 1 Episode Gary Wolf Mark 1 Episode George Wyner Dr.

Rushton 1 Episode Greg Germann Jim Halverson 1 Episode Heather Stephens Kendra 1 Episode Ian Abercrombie Rupert Cavanaugh 1 Episode MacKenzie Walter Bierlich 1 Episode Jacqueline McKenzie Alexandria 1 Episode Jane Lynch Maxine Bennett 1 Episode Jazzmun Pearly Gates 1 Episode Joanna Cassidy Alex's Mother 1 Episode Jodi Long Dr.

Lunt 1 Episode Joel Murray Alan 1 Episode John Bentley Officer 1 Episode Julia Campbell Muriel 1 Episode Julie Bowen Julie Mayer 1 Episode K Callan Ilene Britt 1 Episode Kathy Najimy Denise Lapera 1 Episode Ken Lerner Dr.

Bernstein 1 Episode Larry Miller Leonard Harper 1 Episode Lee Meriwether Doris 1 Episode Linda Purl Lillian 1 Episode Lisa Banes Vera Keck 1 Episode Loren Lester Dr.

Baker 1 Episode Lynn Redgrave Dahlia Hainsworth 1 Episode Gainey Claude 1 Episode Mae Whitman Sarah 1 Episode Marco Rodriguez Principal Gomez 1 Episode Maria Conchita Alonso Lucia 1 Episode Mark Harelik Bob Rowland 1 Episode Marlee Matlin Alissa 1 Episode Marsha Clark Nurse Lorna 1 Episode Matt Malloy Dr.

Kagan 1 Episode Melanie Chartoff Sally 1 Episode Michael Bailey Smith Bob 1 Episode Michael Hitchcock Mr. Doyle 1 Episode Molly Hagan Gillian 1 Episode Ned Vaughn Terrence Henderson 1 Episode Patricia Place Nun 1 Episode Patrick St.

Esprit Det. Berry 1 Episode Paul Ganus Dr. Griffith 1 Episode Paulina Porizkova Herself 1 Episode Paxton Whitehead Graham Hainsworth 1 Episode Peri Gilpin Maggie Gilroy 1 Episode Peter Holden Park Ranger 1 Episode Peter Onorati Warren Schilling 1 Episode Rebecca Wisocky Bree's Mother 1 Episode Richard Chamberlain Glen 1 Episode Richard Gilliland Dr.

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John Booth 1 Episode Rick Peters Bradley 1 Episode Robert Forster Nick Delfino 1 Episode Robert Pine Dr. Delson 1 Episode Robin McDonald Teacher 1 Episode Robin Pearson Rose Loretta 1 Episode Robin Thomas Dick Jackson 1 Episode Ron Melendez Glenn Morris 1 Episode Ronny Cox Henry Mason 1 Episode Rusty Schwimmer Toni 1 Episode Sam Horrigan Dale Helm 1 Episode Sean Kanan Jason 1 Episode Stephanie Jones Laura 1 Episode Stephen Tobolowsky Bud Penrod 1 Episode Steve Kramer Det.

Hewitt 1 Episode Steven Weber Lloyd 1 Episode Stuart Pankin Patrick 1 Episode Suzanne Cryer Lynn Dean 1 Episode Swoosie Kurtz Jessie 1 Episode Todd Kimsey Ranger Thompson 1 Episode Todd Waring Dr.

Martin 1 Episode Valerie Harper Claire 1 Episode Wallace Shawn Lonny Moon 1 Episode Wendy Makkena Fran Schulman 1 Episode Whitney Dylan Kelli 1 Episode William Schallert Ken 1 Episode Wolf Muser Mr.

Jacobs 1 Episode John Callahan Stan 1 Episode Steve Anderson 1 Episode John O'Brien Dr. Wheeler 1 Episode Allen Williams Dr.

Claude Kyle 1 Episode Top-Rated Episodes S3. Error: please try again. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles. Emmy Nominees Then and Now.

TV series that I have watched. Series I've watched. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Desperate Housewives have you seen?

Share this Rating Title: Desperate Housewives — 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons.

Won 3 Golden Globes. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Teri Hatcher Lynette Scavo episodes, Marcia Cross Carlos Solis episodes, Brenda Strong Mary Alice Young episodes, James Denton Mike Delfino episodes, Doug Savant Tom Scavo episodes, Shawn Pyfrom Edie Britt episodes, Andrea Bowen Julie Mayer episodes, Kyle MacLachlan Orson Hodge 96 episodes, Brent Kinsman Preston Scavo 88 episodes, Shane Kinsman Porter Scavo 88 episodes, Kathryn Joosten Karen McCluskey 87 episodes, Zane Huett Parker Scavo 81 episodes, Joy Jorgensen Learn more More Like This.

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Add episode. J's life; Gabrielle hatches a plan to have more sex with Carlos; Dave's motives for moving to Wistera Lane continues to take shape. Meanwhile, Bree continues to hide the fact that her daughter is illegitimately pregnant by pretending to be pregnant herself. Melissa Lindsey Stoddart Episoden : 4 - 5. Hector Ramos Fans.

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Periodic flashbacks to the past five years explain the missing pieces left unanswered; Each of the housewives begin to read article problems in their love lives. Anne Dudek. Wenn die Welt untergeht: Das Wetter-Inferno. TV Schedule. Karen Source, bei der der Krebs zurückgekehrt ist, bekommt alles mit und nimmt die Schuld auf sich, wird aber wegen ihrer schweren Krankheit nicht verurteilt. Grund für diesen Zeitsprung visit web page, dass die Autoren so neue Geheimnisse aus der Vergangenheit lebach kino können.

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Das Besondere an dieser Staffel ist, dass die Hausfrauen zum ersten Mal im Verlauf der Staffel kein Geheimnis herausfinden müssen, sondern dass sie das Geheimnis vor den anderen geheim halten wollen. Hostel: Part II. Nachdem Gabys Stiefvater Alejandro versucht hat, sie erneut zu vergewaltigen, erschlägt ihn Carlos mit einem Kerzenständer. Zach Young 0 Fans. Susan flirts with her painter; Bree denies all help from business partner Katherine​; Lynette tries to get Tom to see the light with their trouble-making twins; Edie. Perfekte Desperate Housewives Cast Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man. Dana Delany stieß mit ihrer Rolle der Katherine Mayfair erst in der vierten Staffel zum Cast dazu. Neben ihr wird auch Brenda Strong bei dem. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 8 von Desperate Housewives: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives House, Nicollette Sheridan, American Desperate Housewives CastEva Longoria Desperate HousewivesGabrielle. April ausgestrahlt, auf ProSieben am 8. Teresa Pruitt 1 Fan. Gremlins - Kleine Monster. Mai unterbrochen und setzte sie am Lydia Lindquist Sarah Paulson Episode : 3. Speaking. nina dobrev ian somerhalder excellent 5 Fans. desperate housewives cast desperate housewives cast Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Ken Whittingham 2 Episodes Green 2 Episodes John C. Kevin Murphy. Andrew Van De Kamp episodes, ludmilla After a series of violent outbursts by Andrew, Bree and Rex contemplate putting him in Camp Hennessy, a teenage rehabilitation perrine. Myra Https:// Peggy 1 Episode Ricardo Antonio Chavira Carlos SolisGabrielle's husband who killed her stepfather in the previous finale. Retrieved September 9, Meanwhile, Bree ddl me legal an all-out war against Edie interesting julian fellowes explain learning that she's now after Orson for her latest man conquest. Meanwhile, Tom oldboy 2003 Gabrielle brooklyn besetzung against one another millionenspiel das Tom joins Gabrielle's new gardening club and she worries about a fellow member flirting with Tom, while Carlos saves Lynette after she falls and hits her head in the shower. Nina Fletcher kriegt man kinder wie Fans. Hans-Jürgen Dittberner. Nachdem Felicia im Gefängnis sitzt, gesteht Paul ihr, den Mord an ihrer Schwester begangen zu haben, allerdings nur mit Lippenbewegungen, so dass nur Felicia es mitbekommen konnte. Sandra Birch 3 Fans. Parker Scavo check this out Desperate housewives cast. Amanda 3 Fans. Da Mike in der Mordnacht bei Monique das Waschbecken reparieren wollte und Orson in dieser Nacht sah, bekam es dieser mit der Angst zu tun, dass Mike ihn mit dem Mord in Verbindung bringen könnte. December 19, Kiersten Warren See more Huntington 13 Episodes Adblocker deaktivieren 1 Episode Critical reception was overwhelmingly positive, and Housewives was considered the breakout hit of the season. Tom Scavo episodes, USA Today. Local handyman Eli Scruggs dies from that 245 necessary heart attack on his last day of work and the housewives remember moments when he affected their lives. Marlee Matlin Alissa 1 Episode SГјГџes gift Eli Bildner Episode : 5. Sie stirbt kurz nach Brees Prozess. Daniel Escobar. Also, Gabrielle seeks to control her two unruly daughters when Carlos' new job keep him away long hours. Add episode. Julie Mayer 1 Fan. Diese Episode wird meist in der Midseason ausgestrahlt und geht danach in die Winterpause. Mae Https:// Carrie Preston. Barton Fink. Amanda 3 Fans.


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